What is E-DVD Copy

E-DVD Copy is a blog dedicated to reporting on the latest news for converting audio and video tapes into more modern formats. This is an ever-evolving industry as formats you may be using now could be out of date in the next 5 years, so people need to adapt to use the latest hardware. We report on formats that may have been long outdated, and also the status of current hardware e.g. there is already evidence that DVD’s are being phased out for more newer, adaptable formats.

We also provide information for reliable services which can help transfer any old formats to new formats. This is important as even the old formats may have been phased out for years, maybe even decades, people are still finding tapes and cassettes which contain important, or even sentimental value, and it is important to recognise services that still provide conversion from old formats to new.

There is also evidence that old formats are making a comeback, most notably the LP format, with many musicians providing for this format, even though many consider the LP antiquated.

If you have any information or blog posts you would like to share, please feel free to contact us in the comments for if you wish to have your blog post featured, or maybe just for us to write a blog post about a subject which you think is often misunderstood or lacks information.